One stop solution for tracking your continuing education for Licenses & Certifications

TrackCE offers Free, Easy, Individualized, one place tracking of all your continuing education requirements mandatory for your licenses and certifications. With this responsibility on us, you can now focus on the important task of caring for patients, your family and yourself.

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Sample image of the Trackceonline app that tracks CMEs
Sample image of the Trackceonline app that tracks continuing education credits

Why Should you have TrackCE?

Healthcare Professionals have many avenues to obtain continuing education. However, there are no easy ways to track those credits, which are mandatory for renewing licenses and maintain certifications. Obtaining continuing education credits are seldom a problem but tracking them and maintaining records for 5 years or more can be a nightmare.

We offer a free solution for easy, individualized tracking of your continuing credits. The real time progress and the ability to generate a report in one click will make your tracking seamless and stress-free.

How will TrackCE solve your problem?

TrackCE is developed by us, Amy Felix, a practicing Nurse Practitioner and Dr. Raj Subramanyam, a practicing Anesthesiologist. As your colleague, we understand the pain points of tracking continuing education credits! TrackCE was developed, as we both recognized the need for an innovative solution to a problem that’s affecting thousands of Doctors and Nurse Practitioners nationally including us.

We have focused on minimal input and maximal output, in order to provide a unique user experience. Our real time progress is customized to the state(s) that you are licensed in and will stand out to provide an experience that will make your continuing education tracking stress free, so you never under do it nor over do it if you don’t have to. A report of your continuing education can be downloaded and emailed or printed for your records or auditing.

close up image of Trackceonline mobile app while tracking continuing education credits for physicians

Powerful features you just can’t ignore

Free on iOS store

  • Profession Specific (Doctor or Nurse Practitioner)
  • State(s) Specific
Real time progress tracking
Final report in different formats
Dedicated to user experience
Easy submission of reports for auditing
Saves Valuable Time - Links to State License & CME provider websites

User Sign-up

Upon launching the app, the user will be taken to the Sign-In / Login screen. First time users are required to sign-up by using any one of the available options.

  • Sign in with email ID
  • Using Social Login Options
    • Sign in with Google
    • Sign in with Facebook
    • Sign in with Apple

Sign in with email ID

When user clicks on the Sign Up link provided at the bottom right corner of Sign In screen, they will be navigated to Sign Up Screen.

User needs to provide the email ID with which she/he would register to the TrackCE App and click on Continue.

A verification code will be sent to the email Id provided, which needs to be keyed-in the next screen

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close up of mobile Trackceonline mobile UI showing CME tracking for physicians

Secure Seamless User Experience

With this free app, you will be able to enter the continuing education you obtain or post a picture of the certificate or both. All this information will be stored in the TrackCE iOS App (Android coming soon) at no cost to you.

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Realtime progress tracking customized to the state or states

Many of you are licensed in more than one state. We understand this need. Each state has different continuing education requirements. Even within each state, there are specific activities which can be very time consuming and confusing to track.

TrackCE will help you save time by removing focus and energy on non-value added things, so you have more time for important tasks: patient care, your family, and yourself.

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close up of mobile Trackceonline mobile UI showing CME tracking for physicians with helpful credit counts
image of visualizing continuing education credits via Trackceonline mobile app

Easy report submission & auditing in various file formats

TrackCE will provide a one click report of all your continuing education activities that can be customized to the dates of your choice. This will make your life easy during license renewals, certification maintenance, and audits. Like you, we recognize a failed audit will potentially affect the license and hence our job, which we value the most.

Our Dedicated user experience customized to the state or states you are licensed in will make it very visual for real time tracking. The one-click report will generate one PDF or an image file of your choice, consisting of reports you have entered plus the certificates you have uploaded. You can use this for record keeping or submit for regulatory requirements.

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TrackCE mobile application will be hosted on Amazon Web Server (AWS). Even though no confidential information is required for TrackCE, we value the security of any data that is put in the TrackCE Mobile App. The use of AWS will provide us the state-of-the-art security from Amazon. We recognize most of you are not into technical details, but if you are curious, further details on AWS can be found on their website.

You will benefit from the highest level of security from AWS for free of cost.

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close up of Trackceonline mobile sign up for physicians

Have a question? check these answers.

TrackCE is currently available on the APP store. Android version coming soon.

Sign up for the app using your email, Google or Facebook. Enter your name, type of license and enter your license number (Optional). Your account will be verified and then you are set. It’s that simple.

The app is for Doctors and Nurse Practitioners. Future version will be inclusive of other healthcare professionals.

It tracks all continuing education credits for license renewals in Delaware,New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

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Who are we?


Amy Felix


Nurse Practitioner

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Rajeev S. Iyer


Anesthesiology and Pediatric Anesthesiology

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Amy, a Nurse Practitioner, and Raj, an Anesthesiologist, are the co-founders of TrackCE, an idea brewing for many years. Like you, we struggle to track our continuing education credits. We are not alone, more than two-thirds of physicians we surveyed nationally are going through this pain of tracking continuing education credits mandatory for license renewals and certifications.

The concept for TrackCE was created amongst us as we both recognized an easy solution to a problem that’s affecting thousands of doctors and nurse practitioners across the country, including us. We are one amongst you and we will continually strive to improve the user experience through this journey to make the critical aspect of our professional lives easy and seamless.

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